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Digital tuningbox with 8 preprogramed modes and 128bit Siemens microprocessor with adaptive software which gives power to engine exactly when it needs it during acceleration.
This plug&play engine power tuning will increase power of  engine HP for 35%, engine torq for 35% on average
by also decreasing fuel consumption for 15% and lenghtening the life of engine.
With plug&play connectors tuningbox is fitted within few minutes without any experince at all.
Our tuningbox comes with flawless operation guarantee of 5 years.
No change is done to ECU, all factory programing and adaptations stays same.
Tuningbox is waterproof sealed and designed to provide modified data to engine contol unit in particular regard to fuel mixture and if applied also turbo power curve.
This will affect air/fuel mixture resulting in higher hp and torq. Our tuningboxes are preprogramed to respect  the vehicles tolerances and keep the security system active. It will not couse check engine light and all original engine protection will remain active.
The extra power is felt in engines quicker to respond particulary in band from 2000rpm to above 4000rpm.


3.0 TD     124HP      1996-2002      price 99 EUR + 7 EUR shipping worldwide


3.0 D4D  161HP                             price 99 EUR + 7 EUR shipping worldwide


3.0 D4D  164HP                             price 99 EUR + 7 EUR shipping worldwide


3.0 D4D  173HP                             price 99 EUR + 7 EUR shipping worldwide


4.2 TD     201HP                             price 99 EUR + 7 EUR shipping worldwide


4.5 D4D  286HP                             price 99 EUR + 7 EUR shipping worldwide